Imagine Going From the Haunting of Past Trauma to a Life Transformed

7 Simple Shifts to Breaking Free and Re-envisioning Your Life without Years of Therapy, Over Sharing, or Reliving Your Hurts

In this Training You will Discover

  • HOW TO FOREVER break free of the past, reignite your love life, and feel safe in your own skin.
  • HOW TO Get Unstuck and feel empowered to face the world with Confidence! 
  • HOW TO Break Down past strongholds and untie the binds of fear, contempt, and shame.
  • HOW TO Find Hope, healing, a new life, dream again, and discover that fun passionate side of yourself.

How to DO ALL of this WITHOUT Years of Therapy,

Over Sharing, or Reliving Your Hurts.

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Presented by:
Dr. Corey Gilbert, PhD

  • I have worked with couples and families for 20+ years.

  • I have found that small shifts make the biggest impact for great change

  • I have extensive training in sexuality and gender, marriage and family, and trauma

  • I work from a Biblical Worldview

  • I have been Happily Married for over 17 years and we have 3 kids

  • I am an International Best Selling Author

  • I have been a University Professor for over 15 years